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Nov 12, 2017


"Bureau civil servants are compensating for the absence of clear leadership, Laird said. But those “career people” usually follow policy set by leaders, he added."

When Trump appoints someone, they scream bloody murder. One would think they'd be happy the bureaucrats are still ruling the roost.

"Negotiations among state and federal agencies were crucial in providing timely relief, Laird said. Under the Obama administration, federal support was outlined within 24 hours, he said."

"timely relief"? I'll bite - when did the drought start, and where did the water come from 24 hours later?

I look forward to Trump's 24 hour solution to solving the drought - decreasing the State population by 10\% - with emergency deportations.

"The Democratic Women’s Club was originally created more than 50 years ago

to give women a chance to participate in Democratic Party politics."

Strangely they have been infiltrated by a man (Rotkin).


The most telling news about this meeting was that only 70 people attended with probably not one, except maybe Stone and Laird, being under 70 years old?