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Nov 27, 2017

Re: Be very grateful for our farmers

Gordon Yamanaka

Ruben leads off with a false premise that farms are still mom and pop operations. Industrial farms are owned by corporations. Westlands, JG Boswell and Pom Wonderful come to mind here in the Golden State. Fresno County is dotted with small towns with high poverty rates with tainted drinking water which are also owned by corporations.

Ruben may be dreaming about a Jeffersonian society, but the Industrial Revolution took care of that long ago. The digital revolution has taken over for awhile now.

Ruben may also want to be aware that our year around food supply is the result of global trade. He may not be drinking kool aid, but Starbucks is a great alternative.

John Bartlett ·

Gordon Yamanaka You would be surprised how many Mom and Pop Farms are still alive in the valley. A lot of the dairies are family owned and are struggling to stay in business because the California Secretary of Agriculture sets the milk price, not supply and demand and currently it is below the cost of production except if you raise your own hay and sileage. They still need to purchase commodities to fill out a balanced diet. I have one friend that got a loan to purchase one section of land in the westside and the cost of raising crops is prohibitive. He is not making a lot of money like some people think.


George Folsom ·

Farmer should also be grateful to the taxpayers for the $billions subsidized water, research, crop subsidies, crop insurance, disaster recovery, flood protection etc etc.

Curtis T. Wilson

I wonder if Mr. Navarrette could praise farmers without disrespecting the barista who is writing a screen play? Does he think that her labor and creativity is not worthy of our respect? There is dignity in all labor that is done well.

Portraying farmers as victims makes them seem to be less worthy of our respect. Mr. Navarrette should take his cues from a real farmer and writer like David Masumoto.

Gordon Fake ·

Farmers don't deserve any more respect than any other businessman who provide us with products and services we need and turn a profit while doing it. Farmers get less respect than they deserve because many of them are the whiners.

Jana Nelson-Zonneveld ·

Says the man living off taxes...

Gordon Fake ·

Jana Nelson-Zonneveld Tell me why farmers are more deserving of respect than any other occupation. They make a living producing a product people need. How is that particularly praiseworthy? How is that more respect worthy than a doctor or an auto mechanic or a cashier at Target? My wife and I saved all our lives we and our employer contributed to our retirement fund and we live off that. You are the kind of whining farmer I'm talking about. I pay taxes. I don't live of off them.