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Lake Powell

Dec 04, 2017

Re: A county in Utah wants to suck 77 million gallons a day out of Lake Powell

surf city rod

So state water planners want to avoid a “calamity”. It’s easy, just deny the zoning, deny the building permits, deny the water meter connections, etc. Just say “No” to the developers, the profiteers, the politicians looking for more property tax revenue.


I find it very interesting that the LA TIMES is reporting this, as if Utah is trying to steal water from them! If the water right wasn't there to begin with the project would never even be discussed. And if the main argument for Utah not using their full water right is that Downstream municipalities will have to find other ways to provide water there really isn't a legal argument to be made. Ethically that may be different, but legally there isn't a leg to stand on.


This type of "keep on building more houses" thinking has to stop the West does not have enough water now, and probably will have less going forward given the forecasts of more frequent droughts. To justify taking that much water that far due to projected growth in the St. George area is preposterous! Instead of talking about how much water 500,000+ people are going to need 40 years from now, there needs to be a realistic discussion of building fewer homes in a dry area. If Washington County, or any other county, for that matter, cannot demonstrate it has a viable water supply, it has to curb population growth by limiting building permits.


Most of the West doesn't have enough water. It is a desert. 8-15 inches of rain a year is not going to support major populations.

The incredibly cheap water they are getting just encourages waste. I live in Washington We get about 60 inches of rain where I live We pay more than twice per 1000 gallons what they pay in Phoenix. We tightly maintain our water pipes. We aren't foolish enough to believe that water is there to be wasted. Average household use in our Water company is 89 gallons a day not over 300. Idiots who move to the desert and think water is an unending supply need to be reined in.

After a wet year lake Powell is less than 1/2 full and this future area of growth thinks it is entitled to as much as they want.