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Dec 18, 2017

Ricky Smith

Moonie already has a legacy. Crumbling infrastructure, nearly the highest taxes in every category, homelessness, millions of illegals flooding the state with the encouragement of open sanctuary policies, destruction of the middle and working class, driving out manufacturing, mining, logging jobs out of the state, the highest utility rates, water shortages, a severe housing shortage, early released criminals preying on innocents and an education system ranked nearly the bottom of the country.

Some legacy for four terms as governor. We have lots of natural disasters in this state but Moonie is the single greatest man made disaster to ever blight this once great state.

Buck Downer

Jerry's twin tubes: A legacy of brain drain.

Powell Svendsen

Even the valley farmers dont want this loser project! $17 billion, and not an addition of water for the south and destruction for the delta farmers. Hey socal! build some desalination plants and leave the delta alone.