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Dec 22, 2017


The ruling class of California is one great big bundle of stupid. They constantly ignore real problems and instead focus their efforts on nonsense. They over-tax the ‘serfs’ and wonder why they don’t get the revenue they expected. They foist suffering and hardship onto people in the name of helping improve the lives of animals. They have simply gone insane. The farther away one is from California, the better.

lichau Libertysdefender

Those of us in CA fear Moonbeam's upcoming retirement. Looney as he may be, he is the sanest in the Sacramento horror show.

lichau Cynicon Implant

The game plan here is that everyone will either be in prison, on welfare, or a government employee.

flowerplough Concerned

"The coastal corridor cannot sustain the 30 million or so residents who cluster there without massive water transfers, excellent freeways, and daily rail and truck importation of food, fuel and construction materials.

Hidden behind tony homes are tent cities and the open fires of homeless people who camp out in ravines."