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Dry Year

Dec 25, 2017







And this is WHY WE NEED TO STOP BUILDING THAT STUPID $64 BILLION high speed train and redirect those monies to water management infrastructure and fire fighting resources.



Relax - Effecitive water supply management isnt based on a single cycle. It will rain and when it does we need to maximize surplus pulse Delta flows for the good of all Californians by capturing and storing it for dry years. And yes, even dry-years offer surplus pulse flows.



Generally, the last 30 years have been dryer than "normal"; but that could change at any time...or not. Some weather patterns/cycles last for a few years; others for decades or even centuries .


Frog March

We need to build millions of new housing units so when the drought is at its peak the government can take the water from agriculture and build even more houses until the entire state collapses from subsidence, unemployment, pollution, traffic, high taxes, overpopulation, crime, failed schools, failed courts, failed government and bums. California is way past overcrowdedwe need to stop growth!





I'm surprised The Times didn't blame Trump for this. Like a desert never had a drought or hot and dry weather prior to January of this year.




I'm surprised you brought Trump into this... 4 to 6 thousand years ago the Sahara Desert was a lush Tropical rain forest... it will continue to dry out just like southern California for the next 15,000 years... Too many Sunny days make a desert."




Actually it was about 10,000 years ago. But you made a valid point



In related news, winter could be cold this year and summer could be hot. I cannot believe people get paid for writing articles like this...