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Smelt Numbers

Jan 03, 2018

Leftare Delis One idea farmers had was to raise the fish that we supposedly kill with our pumps. the environmentalist said no that’s not natural. Another idea was to build more dams to even the flow of water so fish could survive in droughts or heavy water flows that get so dirty with silt fish can’t breath. Another idea was to take the 42 cities dumping sewage into the Delta raising the ph to toxic lvls and have those cities use there sewage to farm with and grow cattle feed. All of these things would help a lot more then stopping 2 percent of the Delta water from being pumped. Wake up build dams and stop dumping poop in the ocean that’s the real emergency look up ocean ph lvls and wait for all the fish to die because it’s poop that’s changing the ocean not farmers. We use are poop to farm with so its going into food not water.

Wayne Western Jr.Group Admin “Note that Delta smelt are still abundant enough in places so that focused sampling can find them. For example, Tien-Chieh Hung had no problem collecting a 100 smelt in one day for his smelt culture program,” he noted.

Also note that stripped bass, are doing very well.

Kathy Bettinsoli Avinelis Decades of giving them all the water they can take from everybody else and restricting pumping has saved so many, now its going to be Trumps fault. I hope when Trump turns on the pumps, their numbers increase. lol

Ethel Reuter You realize that food is really more important than a little fish that is not even native to our streams.

Kathy Bettinsoli Avinelis Ethel Reuter Absolutely I think the fish over farms and people is crazy. Maybe my above remark wasn't clear. I just think its funny that now they are going to blame Trump, when the past practice of give them more water and restricting pumping hasn't done anything. They keep with failed science, its time to turn on the pumps.