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Smelt Science

Jan 05, 2018

Steven Butler OK so the State won’t remove the limit on Stripers, how about raising it to 3 fish. See if that helps. The economic value of a smelt is zero to everyone except to fish biologists duh...

Erik WilsonGroup Admin I made this comment on a similar post but it needs repeating. In 1995 just a few years after the CVPIA was created a state fish biologist wrote to state researchers that he is worried that the Japanese smelt introduced by the Fish and Game is mating with the native delta smelt. We all know what happens when that happens. A sterile offspring is born. Just like when Eastern Brook Trout mate with German Brown trout they produce an offspring called Tiger Trout. A very pretty fish....but it can't reproduce. The report also includes that the Japanese smelt is more tolerant of brackish water than previously thought and is being found in the south delta near the pumping stations. Could it be what is really happening is a complete cover up and the smelt declines has nothing to do with flows of water and everything to do with hyrbridized offspring? Think about this. It makes more sense than anything else out there. More water hasn't helped and that is a factual and proven. Below my comment is the report that share the info I'm talking about. It is in a Fish Game report.

Sandy Verwey My niece is an environmental biologist.........with common sense. I asked her to read previous article and when we talked she instantly named Several reasons why smelt are depleted in numbers with little hope for survival. I know people that work for Westlands and have said for years that it is not the pumps. They routinely clean filters and find few if any smelt in them. It's crap being put into the Delta from other sources, predatory fish and other reasons.

Sandy Verwey Salmon are also threatened by non-native predator species. Black Bass: Decrease the size limit from 12 inches to 8 inches while increasing the daily bag limit from 5 fish to 10 fish.

Striped Bass: Decrease the size limit from 18 inches to 12 inches w
hile increasing the daily bag limit from 2 fish to 6 fish.

The Coalition for a Sustainable Delta notes the predation of the endangered native salmon, steelhead and smelt by non-native species is well documented and is a major contributing factoring to their dwindling numbers.