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Oroville Mistakes

Jan 06, 2018

  • Bigtimber

The state water officials will still get their full pensions for doing a poor job. 

Maybe California needs higher state taxes to fund the repair of it's failing infrastructure....or maybe we can prudently spend the taxes currently collected! State bonds are not fair to our kids.

  • Capsaysun

Many to blame, hundreds of millions in damage, but nobody will lose their job. Which is why California is, and will remain, a dysfunctional mess.

  • headinthesand

Back slappin..vote for mine, I'll vote for yours..take care of mine I'll take care of yours, supposed democracy is as corruptible as any other political system. Most of us settle for it, some even brag about how great we are because of it. We deserve to get screwed daily.

  • Laird

Rather sparse on specifics, alluding to "many to blame" but naming no one in particular or what is going to be done about it going forward. If we propose to build more water containment areas I'd like to know that a proper job of site ion and engineering is going to be done. We don't even know if the State agency responsible, the Department of Water Resources, is composed of people who are any kind of expert in the field of water management.

  • WalterGower

That's it? "Dam operators were to blame." I could have told you that the day the problems started. I'd rather hear about the level of negligence, and if they really really should have known, or just missed something subtle.