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Taxing Water

Jan 06, 2018

Quick note on SB623, taxing drinking water. You were elected or appointed to your position either in the legislature or your trade organization because voters assumed you had the ability to think critically about issues. Another Tax is not critical thinking. Another Tax is what anyone would do who wanted to put in zero effort to solving an issue, like Jerry Brown.

Understand a few things before you throw your support behind this bill. First, and most important, everyone will know who you are and who you represent. I’ll know. And I’ll let everyone else know. Second, following your support for SB623, be prepared to explain to both the taxpayers and family farms why you sided with the thinking of people like Jerry Brown, Kevin DeLeon, and others. Then, be prepared to explain to all the organizations who have spent millions of dollars and countless hours explaining to the public why agriculture in America is a necessity. The face of Ag will be used in what some will call a success if SB623 passes. I’ll make sure the right faces are shown.

You might think your support for SB623 is actually helping your constituents, groups, or members. How has appeasement worked for you and us so far? We will get nowhere continually being on the defensive. And support for SB623 guarantees a position of defense. It guarantees a position of surrender and defeat.

Some of you already let the taxpayers down with your support of Cap and Trade. You then in turn, come out ferociously against the gas tax. You are a contradiction. I am not.

We created this page to tell people the truth about Water or anything that effects the delivery of Water in California, to the best of our ability.

It shouldn’t be news to anyone following this page that California Water is absolutely political under decades of one-party Control. We point that out regularly. In a few years, when you realize your support hurt agriculture, will you then wish you hadn’t supported SB623? Too late.

I realize you think you “gotta do what you gotta do.” So do I.

Do not support SB623.

Wayne Western