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CVP Public Comment

Jan 11, 2018

It has taken a year for the new President's administration to turnover to the point where we would have a USBR and Interior that listens to us about CVP management. The most important time for writing a letter, and submitting comments, is now. They are eager to hear from us! Wayne Western Jr.'s letter is below. He wants everyone to feel free to use it in its entirety, or use parts. Fax, email, or mail to:

Katrina Harrison

Project Manager

USBR, Bay-Delta Office

801 I Street, Suite 140

Sacramento, 95814-2536


Fax: (916)414-2439


Wayne Western Jr.

January 10, 2018

Katrina Harrison, Project Manager

United States Bureau of Reclamation, Bay-Delta Office

801 I Street, Suite 140

Sacramento, CA 95814-2439

Dear: Ms. Harrison

I am writing in response to the Bureau’s request for public comment about the operation of the Central Valley Project. The issue is not people over fish or visa-versa. Sound science is absolutely important, and sound science will not come from bureaucrats, agenda-driven environmental groups, lawyers, fellows, or distinguished professors. Real science with accurate data and truthful information should be regarded with utmost importance from the most qualified personnel in America. Any fraudulent activity with data collection or information should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. In the same regard, predation, introduced species causing sterility, waste-water dumping, and possible excessive releases of water from dams must be considered in declining fish population numbers. This information should be used, confronted, and considered in the future operation of the CVP and SWP.

Environmental groups based in the Bay Area are neglectful, inconsistent, and contradictory in their relentless and successful attempt to send more water to the ocean. This decades-long practice has wasted millions upon millions of acre-feet of water, but it is not water from the Bay Area being sacrificed. Water delivered to the Bay Area from Hetch-Hetchy has been secure, and is never at risk in the same manner as the rest of the population in California.

On an annual average, 25 million acre-feet of water inflows to the Delta. Seventy-six percent of this water goes to the ocean. This percentage greatly increases during wet years when California should be storing for drier periods. Beneficial use of water should be viewed with a common-sense approach. Water is a necessity for all living things. Living things should be defined as a current population, current economies, and current ecosystems. The criminal act of sending millions of acre-feet of water to the ocean on an annual basis in order to restore an ecosystem that is no longer present, must stop. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta plays a vital role for millions of people and millions of acres of farmland. Secured delivery of surface supplies of water to South of Delta Agriculture Contractors is not only important to the economy and future of California, but to the entire nation. Hundreds of crops grow in the Central Valley which feed this country, and a secure supply of surface water as contracted, is in fact a matter of national security.

The State government of California and its bureaucratic machine have only one answer under the current leadership. That answer is to manipulate, mismanage, and misinterpret, both law and intended purposes of the infrastructure in California. It is painfully obvious decisions are made with total disregard to the economy and the future of many lives within the Central Valley, most notably anyone south of the Delta. South of Delta storage should be a priority in order to secure a home-grown food source for the United States. While the State of California uses its Prop.1 money for water recycling and bottled water, the federal government should be concerned with real infrastructure to secure this nation. Projects such as the raising of Shasta Dam, expansion of the San Luis Reservoir, expansion of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Temperance Flat Dam, and Sites Reservoir must be the focus to protect our nation's breadbasket.

The Endangered Species Act, and all listings threatened or otherwise within the Delta and rivers it drains, should be reviewed. s and amendments with factual information should consider harm or hardships which burden people, industry, and economies, and place them as a priority. Policy and law should leave no room for assumptions, and any action taken which may effect delivery of water should be supported by hard, factual data. Infrastructure should be operated as such and pumping numbers prior to 1992 should be used as a guide.

The ability to block deliveries from Shasta because of water temperature in the Sacramento River, negates the original purpose of Shasta's construction. The USBR should not allow any action by the California SWRCB to impede deliveries from Shasta to the CVP. Biological Opinions which affect the delivery of water should be carefully reviewed, d, or reformed to address our current ecosystem and its inhabitants. Bi Ops and other laws and policies such as the CVPIA are changing our ability to feed our nation. SGMA will contribute to this emergency with intrusive attacks on property rights. The San Joaquin River Settlement is likely to result in the retirement of over 90,000 acres within Friant Division alone while hundreds of thousands of acres are at risk and or currently being retired throughout the west-side of the valley.

Ecosystems change, and our laws and policies should change concurrently to thwart the dangerous practice of wasting resources. CVP Contractors should be protected by the federal government. Contracts are for the delivery of surface water, and the USBR and all related federal agencies should restore contractual agreements to its customers while disallowing the State of California to effect those deliveries. Further, water used in the production of food, fiber, or dairy, should be a top priority second only to health and safety. This should be the case for both CVP and SWP surface deliveries to agriculture, and should absolutely be viewed and regarded as a national security issue by any federal administration. Environmental use of water should be regarded as a user of water in the same fashion as Agriculture, and Municipal and Industrial users. Environmental water should be metered and responsible agencies held accountable.

One fact we all know is that more environmental law obtained through politics or lawsuits, has resulted in continued decline of certain fish species. Following these procedures would return well over 2.5 million acre-feet of water to its rightful and beneficial users. The theft of this water has ruined local economies, damaged underground aquifers, damaged species and habitat, greatly increased unemployment, and put Americans at risk.

We waste millions of acre-feet of water in hopes of restoring species. In so doing, we are destroying industries, economies, towns, and the lives of people. It is time to restore the future of our country.



Wayne Western Jr.