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Feb 01, 2018

Re:  Fertilizer on farm fields is a major source of California smog, researchers say

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/#storylink=cpy

Mark Seitz Huh?? If there is any Ag industry money going to this person's research, it needs to be reviewed or stopped and this person needs to be educated.

Steve Carter UC Davis a farm college? Just another liberal college filling students heads full of crap.

Ingrid Blom-Mello I was thinking the same thing. It's less & less Ag centered now.

Wayne Western Jr.Group Admin This is a hit piece put out by the very people who help the SWRCB control Agriculture. Just in time for SB623. It’s a shame we have no friends of Ag in this state. We are supposed to feel enlightened by the preaching of the enlightened while they’re picking us off one by one. Time for gloves to come off. And I do mean for everyone.

Richard Engstrand Seems like ev scientific study published in the last 15 yrs, has no integrity, but agenda-driven data manipulation...its a frickin disgrace !!

Hunter Lindemann So... why is it that the LA Basin has so much smog? Or the Silicon Valley? Must be all the farm ground there.

Michele Cline Diedrich Prove it. Where do you want your food to come from. 

Why does UC Davis want to stop all farming in Calif.

Bob Golden When I read the article, one sentence stands out, and one word in particular: “Emissions of NOx from agricultural areas are much higher than we used to believe and could be a major source of atmospheric NOx statewide,” The word that stands out is "Could". Nothing proven Only speculation. And farther research about the author revels more about his thinking......"But it’s complicated. “If our food system wasn’t for profit we’d have a very different system. Economists tell us ‘that which is not paid for is overused.’ What’s not regulated turns into a waste dump.” He’d like to see something like a tax, although he recognizes it’s not a popular word. “But if we don’t become more mindful about having a carbon tax and nitrogen tax we are in serious trouble.” Science? No. Political and sociological motivation.

Tom Barcellos Academia continues research only to the point to get the next grant for further research. It’s a vicious cycle. We need research but also need results.