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Prop 1 Storage

Feb 02, 2018

Ricky Smith

Those of us who remember the history of this bond recall that Moonie flew into a rage when he was told he needed to increase the water storage element in this bond or the voters would never pass it. He finally relented and allowedy a third of the total to be allocated for real water storage projects.

He intended all the money to be available as weed pulling jobs (grants) and green pork for his enviro friends and supporters saddled with useless degrees in environmental science.

He then stocked the commission with radical green hacks ensuring nothing would ever got built. In that way, he knew he would get what he wanted all alongno new dams. 

If Sites reservoir, a much needed off stream dam doesn't qualify as a worthwhile water storage project nothing ever will. As long as this guy is in power every project will be monkey wrenched.

I expect him to try to steal some of the money to pay for the $1 billion dollar plus Oroville Dam boondoggle. It will be classified as a 'public benefit' water storage project. That would allow his well connected Southern California water agencies off the hook and move the burden onto the backs of the taxpayers using public dollars. 

The extent of Brown's legacy as a one man disaster will eventually be known once people finally sober up and realize what this man has done to this once great state

Robert Bennett

This is precisely why California can't build anything intelligent.  It has left wing, government bureaus staffed by imbeciles.  In the end, NOTHING gets done.  When was the last time California built any water storage facilities?  Thirty, forty years ago?  The idiots Moonbeam appointed are a familiar story.  The entire story is a pathetic deion of why California is a infrastructure disaster.