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Public Responses


Protecting Mokelumne

Feb 11, 2018

Re:  Agency recommends protection for the Moke River

Katherine Evatt · 

Assemblyman Bigelow's 2015 bill that mandated the study was supported by local water agencies, counties, businesspeople, the CA Farm Bureau and environmental, recreation and fish organizations. It passed the legislature with very little opposition, and now we have an independent, unbiased study that shows why the Mokelumne is worth protecting for generations to come. The study also concludes that CA WS designation will have little effect on future water projects and water rights applications above the designated 37-mile reach or on tributary streams. We can have our river and water, too.


Sanders LaMont · 

Works at Retired

After long and thorough studies, the recommendation is solid and deserves public support. No one loses, and everyone gains.