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Drought Restrictions

Feb 13, 2018

Louis Knobbe  

For years and years they told us to conserve, conserve water; meanwhile govt allowed 30 new town and cities to be built. Get a clue cali, u r being manipulated and lied to.

Denton Fisk

Here's how you handle a drought: Import a billion people into California illegally and have them all eat, drink, and be merry. Have your Democrat governor, mayor, councilmen, sheriffs and police ignore common sense immigration laws and pile people on top of people until the infrastructure and nature's capacity for water and food to break. Yes, that will do it.

John Bball

So you have homeless people with Aids, Hep C, and worms crapping and pissing on the sidewalks...but you can't hose down the sidewalks????? Gross!!!


Great idea having neighbors spy on neighbors. Hmmm, now where have I seen that done.

I guess building a new water reservoir is out of the question.


You call those restrictions? If you are in a drought situation you should be doing more then that which is listed. The idiots in Cali deserve to die of dehydration if this is all they're doing.

robert g

To bad California isn't near an ocean where they could build desalination plants. It's also to bad California doesn't have large quanities of oil that they could tap into to power the desalination plants. But those are the breaks.