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Tunnels Study&MWD

Feb 13, 2018

Nancie Dimmitt Carter

And now Metro Water District is thinking they will pay for the Delta tunnels? Between this article and the point that Metro may pay $6 billion to build tunnels, maybe we, as taxpayers, need to demand a impartial, independent analysis of this issue. I, as a Northern Californian, do not want a SoCal buisness owning any rights to any infrastructure in our half of the state. That's dangerous. And we are already suffering due to drought in NoCal. Why do you want to take more money out? This isn't about farmers or ag anymore. It's all about water for SoCal which has too many people to support.


Bill Wells · 

David Sunding is paid by the Department of Water Resources. Of course his study will show that the project is not a total fraud! This is an example of why the project is called the California WaterFraud!

Bill Wells

California Delta Chambers & Visitor's Bureau


Lee Jardin · 

His study shows that it will save money and of course supports his project. 

Color me skeptical.


Buck Downer

A complete falsehood.