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HSR Costs

Mar 01, 2018



This is the most nightmarish project in the history of the state and also our country. It's like watching the Titanic sink in slow motion over and over again. People's lives are being DESTROYED in the Central Valley by this group of idiotsboth at the CHSRA and politicianswho are too stupid or greedy or both to pull the plug on this boondoggle of colossal proportions. If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it's a duck. Stop the finger crossing and start the finger pointing. This project needs to be killed. NOW.


I know some people really don't care if government borrows as long as the money is spent on things they like. I love trains. I have ridden in high speed rail in China and its amazing. Even regular speed rail (still relatively fast - up to 88 mph) is pretty cool (Norway, Germany, Poland - although Poland had one train that was really slow). But this California High Speed Rail is nothing more than a boondoggle. My prediction is some people will become rich, even very rich, off of this and we will never (I repeat NEVER) see this thing completed. 

wilfrid burrows

It is impossible to determine how much cap-and-trade fees will to contribute to the high speed rail project between now and the end of 2030 when the present legislation expires, but today's auction results have to be encouraging. 

Today's auction brought in $725 million-Last November's auction brought in $863 million-The August auction netted $642 million-Total proceeds for the three auctions held since cap-and-trade was extended to 2030-$2.23 billion. 

The 2016 business plan assumed that cap-and-trade auctions would contribute $500 million per year to the project. So far in this fiscal year, (2017-2018), auction proceeds will contribute $557 million, with one more auction in May. We can only guess how this one will go, but we could end up with $750-800 million for the fiscal year, well above the $500 million assumption in the 2016 plan.



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 wilfrid burrows 

fIt is impossible to determine...


The use of cap-and-trade proceeds were not in the original plan. Making reference to the 2016 plan is an attempt at deception. No sale.



A government project going even further behind schedule and costing even more money than the last time they announced the latest cost overruns? Who woulda thunk?