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Mar 02, 2018

Re:  Let’s set aside Russia and the memo for a moment. What has Devin Nunes done for us?

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/marek-warszawski/article202208709.html#storylink=cpy

Otto Coelho California, after my brother has not had a better champion as Devin, Costa’s not a champion for Calif he is not for our water problem he is just another Libtard that wants to have Calif look like a slum as long as he gets his check he really don’t care about the little people.

Gene Edrington McClatchy Broadcasting who owns all most all the newspapers in the valley is so far left it hurts your neck to look their direction.

Bill Hammond We need to do a better job of Voting in our districts. About time we step up and elect new leadership to take California back! It's not to late to make California Great Again. Keep up the great work Devin, we need more Reps like you fighting for us!

Fredrick Laverdiere Nunes has taken the point on the corrupt bureaucracy in the "Justice" Dept. that he's taking the heaviest flak.

Jim Verboon Perhaps the Fresno Bee's question might be better asked to themselves or Senator Dianne Fienstein as Devin and the House have passed bi-partisan water bills several times to see them die in the Senate.

Mitchel Ritchie We have so many great leaders in ag in Fresno in our produce sector that give back to our communities and are not recognized because of political affiliations 100s of great stories can be told that get passed by   Fresno Bee we don’t miss you either