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Never Enough

Mar 04, 2018

  • pooindexter

Curses! Why oh why is it, "Never Enough!" 

What does it take to appease you headline writers????

  • berkeley\_patriot

So...will the water rate a few cents now? I hope...uh huh.

  • Spisey from SNL says

@berkeley\_patriot no, but you only get a reduced 24.5 \% increase.

  • DBer

@berkeley\_patriot This is California. The 'temporary' surcharge will be quietly changed into a permanent rate increase of a few cents less, and they'll tell us rates have been lowered. Then a new surcharge will be added on top and we'll be told it's lower than the previous surcharge.

  • PresidentDonaldJTrump

as long as the state has enough water to grow pot, we can all rest easy

  • mha920732

"The storm hit harder in the Sierra, where the entire region was blanketed with between 3 and 8 feet of snow since Wednesday." 

I'm confused about why the news is bothering to report about rain and storms in the Bay Area in connection with the drought and water use over the rest of the year. Shouldn't the focus really all be on snowfall in the Sierras where San Francisco gets its water from?