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Reason for Dams

Mar 05, 2018

Bob Golden

Here is a picture, of the never ending drought, that is the reason California should not build reservoirs, to capture the rainfall and snow melt, that will never happen again, in a region that needs water for people and agriculture.

By the way, this snow will turn into water, and run down the rivers, past the site of the proposed Temperance Flat Reservoir, that we are being told has no value, because California is in a perpetual drought, due to climate change, that paid scientist tell us will never end, so that politicians can get rich, while killing the farmers and communities, in a region rich in Ag..........

But, what do I know?......

Keith Michelle Duncan We’ve got hay that’s several years old, it’s fed with this season’s hay. We call it “banked hay”, the same with water in reservoirs here. “Banked water”, why is it so hard for the bulk of the elected officials and bureaucrats to understand?

David Aschwanden We have the opportunity to catch all the water we need. But the governor says the cost for the proposed reservoirs outweighs the benefit. Makes no sense in a state driven by ag. I say this as i watch the foundation being laid for the bullet train through parts of fresno.