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No Reservoirs

Mar 26, 2018

Re:  When won’t state bureaucrats spend money? When it’s for reservoirs

Gerry Gates The California Water Commission was established to create rules and regulations governing the state's various water resource projects and to oversee and advise the state's Department of Water Resource . The commission has done just that in deciding which water storage projects have bona fide merit and deserve to receive Proposition 1 bond money. It is a critical step in spending our money wisely. Any water agency looking to receive public funds must pass a minimum threshold for public benefit. If the project scores low, the project has little public benefit. The process exists so we spend our money wisely. To call it micro-managing is rather disingenuous.

Todd Juvinall · Works at Retired, enjoying FREEDOM and loving it!!!

Excellent article. The bureaucracy of life. People vote to do something and the government figures out how to foil it. They have billions to get things done but won't fully fund. I recall years ago I was asked to attend the "christening" of the new gym at the Chicago Park School. When I got there I noticed the building was only half as big as all the others I was familiar with. The Principal said that was a decision the government made to only build a half. What a country!