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Public Responses


Shasta & Allocation

Mar 30, 2018

Last night, 3/28/18, midnight, Shasta Reservoir was around 3.84 million acre-feet. Rain is expected toward the end of next week. If Shasta gets to around 4 million acre-feet, a bump in CVP allocation is likely. Let's hope the rain keeps coming.

Speaking of Shasta, if any members of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee are reading, AB2975, by Assemblymember Friedman is scheduled for April 9th. This is simply another attempt to fight the federal administration in its effort to help California citizens and taxpayers. It should be stopped. By all accounts, the raising of Shasta should continue, as is planned to begin early next year.

Assemblymember Friedman might better spend her time to influence the California Water Commission to use Prop. 1 funds, which voters approved. Maybe she can help with the definition of "public benefit." I believe folks making newspaper headlines who are outraged about rising water and rising food costs could help her define "public benefit." It is called Dams.

Wayne Western Jr.