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Big Projects

Apr 04, 2018

Chris Gilbert

Look at other big projects over the last few decades: The Bay Bridge went 600\% over, the Boston "Big Dig" went 200\% over, the Seattle Hwy 99 Tunnel is 3 years late and way over budget. And yet the WaterFix (Tunnels) allows about $3B in cost overruns, according to one source, less than 30\%. Who's going to pay for this? Taxpayers, rate payers?

It's time to use money for decreasing imports and increasing recycle, reuse, reduce. Get rid of lawns. They don't belong in the semi-arid Mediterranean climate of California; they were brought from back East (Kentucky bluegrass!) where it rains year-round. If you look at water use in the summer, it increases by 50\%, mainly due to outdoor irrigation.


California politicians 'invest' in big stupid projects instead of fixing the potholes because it's easier to steal big gobs of money from big stupid projects.

Concerned Citizen

They were not happy extending cap and trade to 2030, now they want it extended to 2050. Are they now telling us the train will not be completed to then? They have one bad scheme paying for another bad scheme. Now they want too add another boondoggle. This is what you get with one party in charge. End the nonsense!