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MWD Decision

Apr 11, 2018


Lucky water users. Gonna get all that water and have to pay for the construction as well as the water. How lucky can people in a desert area get? Lucky water users in SoCal. I envy what you are going to pay, if and when it happens.



It would have been really interesting to see the number of votes on each side and who cast them. If LA and SD are agin it, that means there were more votes for it and OC wouldn't have that many. I'm sure it is in the public record, but it would seem to me that the Times could provide that to us as it was certainly teased by the previous article on this subject. WAS it a naibiter? Or was it even close? Did ALL of the SD and LA appointees vote as a block or were some interested in pursuing this?



Great,...another bunch of money waste. Everyone riding that stupid train can rest easy knowing the drinking fountains at Grand Central Station will never run dry.




Actually the vast majority of our water goes to the environment. Out to the ocean under the Golden Gate bridge to protect the Delta Smelt. More water goes for environmental protection than to agriculture and 27 million Southern Californians COMBINED!

Nancie Carter

"Cheapest source of water." Yeah, ruin our Delta instead of building desalination plants or using other methods to supply water to the too many people in SoCal. Problem is: what happens as our politicians and developers keep buidling, building, building in NoCal and we run out of water? Oh, yeah.....Metro will be glad to sell us our water.