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Temp Flat Meeting

May 03, 2018

The California Water Commission pushed back its decision on Temperance Flat until tomorrow. They are asking staff to basically clarify how they reached their decision, which was bad news for the dam. Some on the Commission also feel the applicants did not show in their analysis, sufficient benefit for fish. I’m sure that doesn’t really surprise anyone.

On full display today was the massive bureaucracy in California. The complexity of the bureaucracy can actually tie the hands of decision makers regardless of their personal feelings of projects. This is the case for some. For others, you can expect a no vote before they enter the room. And for a very few, they will back the project because they know it makes sense.

The NRDC sure didn’t miss the occasion. They are there to cite water code from page 945 and mix in some untruths founded on zero credible science, as usual.

As if consultations with Department of Water Resources, California Department of Fish and Game, State Water Resources Control Board, US Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Reclamation, and National Marines Fishery Service aren’t enough, Temperance Flat depends on the California Water Commission. I’ve been vocal of my opinion of Prop.1. I did read it and thought the proper language was missing. I also know the NRDC supported the Proposition. Having said that, the real crime is ignoring the absolute and obvious intent of voters. No one can argue that Prop.1 was not sold to the voters as Additional Water Storage.

See what happens tomorrow!

Wayne Western Jr.