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Temp Flat Future

May 06, 2018

Since the passage of 2014's Prop. 1 water bond, Wayne Western Jr. and I have shown over and over why Temperance Flat would never be funded. But it doesn't have to fail forever if we will dismiss the CA Water Commission members appointed by Brown, by putting a new party into the governor's seat. Travis Allen will turn over these bureaucrats, and the ones on the State Water Resources Control Board, DWR, and so many others. Our future is at stake. Vote wisely.

Kristi Diener

Marilyn Root It will happen, we just need the right Governor, that thinks of the people as a whole. We need more than one dam. The people know that. If penny pinchers would leave him alone, I think we would be building more dams.

Eric Bream It’s interesting to watch as we go through this time and time again on several issues, yet it seems that agriculture as a whole has not changed tactics. We still support politicians who are complicit in these types of things, and continue to accept the lesser of two evils. We do this to our own detriment, yet next time we’ll do the same. We will not get the environmental justice folks to change. Why would they? They’re winning at every turn. Maybe we should take a look inward.....