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Santa Clara Vote

May 08, 2018

Re:  San Jose water agency approves up to $650 million for Jerry Brown’s Delta tunnels project

Jan McCleery 

Nice photo of Snodgrass Slough above. That is one of the areas where construction is planned. Too bad. It's a favorite for boaters - scenic and quiet. It will be no more. The Meadows is another favorite area planned for construction. Plus in the south, the favorite anchorage Mildred Island - nope, construction zone. Twin Sloughs - favored by skiers and wakeboarders will be blocked totally by barges, docks, and construction. What a mess they are planning to make!

Jan McCleery 

You realize, don't you, that the tunnel construction will devastate several historical communities in the North Delta and totally shut down boating in the Delta for years and years. I lived in Silicon Valley for 35 years and weekends in the summer were spent driving the short distance to enjoy the Delta for boating and recreating This removes that favorite area from Silicon Valley and other Northern California communities as well as destroying Delta communities. It's big corporations winning against people's rights!


Well, SCV Water District customers, Barbara Keegan, Tony Estremera, Gary Kremen and Nai Hsueh just made it plain that developer money trumps your votes.

What do you propose to do?