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Tulare Meeting

May 27, 2018


The mayor of Tulare is taking a different tack. An approach that attempts to take the focus off of his words and statements, and focus the discussion on My Job Depends on Ag, the members of My Job Depends on Ag, and the administrators of My Job Depends on Ag specifically Erik Wilson.

This is not a new tactic, for politicians who seek to deflect and deny from discussion of truth, in an OPEN and PUBLIC forum.

No army allows the opposing army to choose the battlefield, the day, or the number of soldiers who will be on the battle field.

This may seem extreme, but this is a war. The Mayor does not want an open discussion. If he did, he would not have the ability to choose who attends, where the event takes place, and what shall be discussed.

Read the following conditions that the honorable mayor placed on those who want to attend and discuss. You will notice that the mayor gets to choose who shall attend, by filtering the requests to attend though his personal email account.

"“I’m pro Ag and that’s why we need to protect bees. Most of my information comes from UC Davis, one of the top Ag Universities in CA. If you are pro prop 68, you support cleaning our drinking water. If I’m wrong about this, I want to hear it from the MJDOA [My Job Depends on Ag] Rep Erik Wilson. If these things are NOT true and I am wrong, we can save money on the Water Bond, The Farm Bíll and Prop 68,” he wrote:

(“I was defending Ag in Ca. It is not obliterated. I’ve been attending our World Ag Expo for 15 years and I’ve had my Orange Jacket for 8 years. Every year I see an industry growing and coming up with cleaner and safer ways to farm. I hope MJDOA or their rep isn’t saying these things are no longer concerns of the Ag community. I will be very open about why I think some are making an issue with my comments. I will also be just as open to listen,” he added.

Space will be limited, according to his post.

He requested RSVPs originally to his city email address, but subsequently changed it to a personal email address.")

No, mayor Jones, you do not get to deflect your responsibility for your words and thoughts, by attempting to lay the blame on a person and group that exposed your words to the community you are supposed to represent.

The people of the city of Tulare, and the people of the county of Tulare, are more than willing and capable of offering you rebuttal, debate, and open and honest discussion at the next council meeting.