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Shower v Laundry

Jun 05, 2018

David Rhoades 

Just shower with your clothes on! What's the problem?


Hey Lefties....here is a novel idea, build more reservoirs, I know its crazy when your population goes up you need more water storage, they haven't built a new storage unit since the 60's


So after 2022 no more clean bodies; no more clean clothes; no more clean dishes - unless you're rich and claim you just cleaned your pool and refilled it on a daily basis.

Ken  maxedgar 

How about paper plates and plastic forks? Or, Californians could use their fingers. Doesn't take much water to wash one's hands.

maxedgar  Ken 

It's CA - no plastic forks - look at the fine a waiter can get if they give a plastic straw to someone who doesn't request it. Whatever were you thinking to even suggest plastic forks?! ;)