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Mayor of Tulare

Jun 07, 2018

Bob Golden‎ to My Job Depends On Ag

Tulare, and citizens of communities all across this nation, I hear you.

I support you.

Last evening, the people of Tulare spoke very loudly, very concisely, and very clearly about the current appointed mayor of the city of Tulare.

The people of Tulare did not elect this person to be mayor and spokes person for the citizens of the city.

And the words, both written and spoken by the person named mayor, do not reflect the majority of the people of Tulare.

This was proven last night, when the anointed mayor doubled down on his attack on agriculture.

To remove the mayor from a position of prominence is not an easy task. And the mayor knows this. He knows that it will require not only pressure from constituents of other council members, but also a resolve of the people that is sustained and supported by a broader community beyond the city limits.

For now, in the mayor's own words, "I'm not going anywhere".

This is a cancer. The mayor of Tulare says that he wants to talk and discuss........

He not only had the chance to listen last evening, but has been offered the olive branch by producers in his region for time to spend learning about agriculture. And he has repeatedly turned a deaf ear and blind eye.

This is a debate and discussion happening in the most productive Ag region of this nation. A one sided discussion. The truth is offered by people, industries, and educational facilities that have factual data.

The mayor, safe in his appointed position, understands that he is untouchable. Therefore, people, industry, and truth are not an obstacle to his radical left wing propaganda and lies.

Eventually the mayor will be removed.

For now, he is willing and able to thumb his nose at the truth and people of his community.

So, I say this to people in other communities, and other states.

Stop the cancer growth in your hometown, before it takes root. Look closely at the local politicians in power.

Think long and hard. This corruption and lies about agriculture is happening and unfolding in the richest Ag region of our nation. Think it can not happen in your home town?

These are the words, that the Mayor of Tulare California still defends and doubles down on, as his constituents put pressure on him to step down: "You're having a conversation with someone in your head. Ag strips the natural resources and contaminates our ground water and air. Ag causes asthma and valley fever, cancer and kills bees. You can't educate me. You're trained. You can share with me what you've trained to think. We can debate the difference between what you think and what I think."

But he knows he is safe.......for the moment.

Watch your 6 folks. You may have the beast in your own community politics.