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Water Limits

Jun 07, 2018

Aaron DeWitt ·

I dont live in California , but were a family of 7 . 3 loads of water at 10 gal a load on efficiancy , plus 7 showers and toilet flushing would put us way over . Good Luck .

Pap CharlesI recall that when the first introduced the seat belt laws, Californians objected because wearing a seat belt did not in any way harm or endager someone else. California responded that they would not enforce these seat belt laws, they would add this as a supplemental ticket if drivers were pulled over or found guilty of a more serious enfraction.

Turn the clock forward, today if you don't wear a seat belt you can and will be pulled over, given a harsh lecture as if you are a 3 yr old child and given a $162 ticket and a $465 ticket if it's a child.

California just loves to pass law and regulations that control every little aspect of your lives and you all just keep letting them do it...why?

Scott HylandThe point about bathing and washing clothes was based on the amount of water used to do both. The Bee can spin this all they want, but the point is, citizens in that state are still having rather severe restrictions thrown at them. That state’s administration should’ve been using the $100 billion wasted on bullet trains for dam construction and desalination plants instead.