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Bee v Farmers

Jul 01, 2018

Re:  Fear is growing on California farms over Trump’s trade war. Valley Republicans must help stop it

Jared Plumlee Ehh, they are just trying to construct a narrative that trump is so bad even his base is leaving him as a result of his trade policy. Which in some cases is true, however dont let them attempt to be the compassionate ones bc they are anything but compassionate.


Jerry Todd Sacramento cabal is a deep swamp from the Statehouse to the Editorial Department.


Eric Bream
It sure seems different that what the editorial board was saying in 2015. Suddenly they understand the value of Ag and almonds in Ca? Me thinks not....


Ken LaMattina Election coming up and they act like they side with farmers until after the election. Then they return to the swamp!


Jared Plumlee They are just being opportunistic and trying to appeal to the plight to rally support against trump. It has nothing to do with actually having changed any opinions or positions...


Leroy Hewes I’m an almond grower and a manufacturer of parts for nut harvesting equipment. These trade issues may well hurt me in the short term. But, I stand with the President on this issue. We will be better off as a country when the trade becomes fair. I am willing to do my part for the good of all.


Ken LaMattina So true!


Trish Andreoli Personally I will be patient because President Trump seems to stand by his word and my Family will wait to see what comes in this trade standoff! Like the President says the trade war was fought a while back and we lost, so now he wants to remedy this and make it more prosperous for Americans! So we (my family) waits! BTW we are a small family Vineyard owners/ operators! Gooo AG!