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Chino Basin

Jul 06, 2018

Kristi Diener - Oh boy. Meet one of the eight projects with a winning score to receive Prop 1 Water Storage money funded by we the taxpayers: With the $207 million award, Chino will treat and store "up to" 15,000 acre feet of industrial discharge, brackish, and recycled groundwater/year for human use. This water will be exchanged for blocks of up to 50,000 AF of fresh water to be released from Oroville and sent straight to the ocean in hopes of improving salmon populations. The environmental benefit for this project is 100\%. "Up to" 15 TAF isn't a very big bang for the buck either-about a year's worth of water for 150K people (especially when compared to Temperance Flat which could create 1 MAF of fresh water for 10 million people). But why not do this project and leave the water in storage too, where the new water for 150k people would be realized? Simply treating water from the bottom of the bucket in one region for human use, and then sending an equal or greater amount of freshwater to the ocean from another region, is a dually lopsided exchange that creates no new stored water at all. What is does do is squeeze out more water for a failed fish-saving scheme at our expense. I score this project a zero.