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In Your Face

Jul 07, 2018

WATER WORKSHOP 72: “In your face!” The State Water Resources Control Board will confidently move to adopt phase one of its agenda-driven mission to send so much more water to the ocean for fish, there will be little leftover for tens-of-thousands of humans. They will openly ignore peer reviewed science, water rights, and the will of the people in doing so. 

By Wayne Western Jr. 

What does the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) think about your water rights? 

“The State Water Board adopts the Bay-Delta Plan because the Plan is largely flow dependent, the State Water Board has authority over water rights, and because the Plan covers more than one region of the state.” 

What does the SWRCB think about dams? 

“Under the current requirements, flows are completely eliminated or significantly reduced at certain times in some streams in the Sacramento/Delta watershed, and a significant portion of the inflows that are provided to the Delta are exported without contributing to Delta outflows. At the same time, dams in the watershed disconnect migratory corridors for native aquatic species, blocking access to significant portions of historical habitat while also impeding the downstream flow of nutrients, gravels, woody debris, and other materials that are the building blocks of the food chain and habitat for native species. Dams and other diversions also significantly alter the timing and quality of flows in ways that impact fish and wildlife, including through eliminating and altering peak and base flow events and changing the temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and other water quality parameters. Further, the Projects’ operations in the southern Delta can entrain or impinge native fish and other aquatic organisms and alter circulation patterns impacting migration of native fish, water quality, and Delta habitats conditions for these species.” 

Where does the SWRCB look for information in comparison to California? 

“Studies of river-delta-estuary ecosystems in Europe and Asia conclude that water quality and fish resources deteriorate beyond their ability to recover when spring and annual water withdrawals exceed 30 and 40-50\% of unimpaired flow respectively.” 

This is the story of the latest s to the Bay-Delta Plan. No more guessing. No more insinuations. Now it is in your face loud and clear. The message is that our waterways, including rivers and tributaries, are 100\% about fish and water quality, and 0\% about people. They will take more water currently being used by people and industry and run it into the ocean. The take of water in this Plan will be enough to severely harm industry, absolutely cause rising water costs, and open up water to become a “crop” itself. The nation’s food supply is currently at risk unlike any time in our history and the science in which it is based is absolutely agenda-driven. That is fact. 

The first , which is further along in the process, will take more water from the Lower San Joaquin River and its tributaries. The unimpaired flow requirement is between 30-50\% and will start at 40\% from February to June. They tell us this new requirement is not intended to be a rigid and fixed percent of flow. The Plan includes a notion of collaboration and voluntary involvement in meeting the requirement. If the requirements are not met with this approach, rest assured collaboration and voluntary anything will be gone. 

Collaborative and cooperative measures amount to a possibility of increased flows within their flow requirement if users pay for non-flow measures that are intended to help fish. Examples would include habitat restoration gravel augmentation, and predator suppression. Compliance checks of flows will move upstream into tributaries. Salinity standards will be increased. More fresh water will be needed. 

The second will deal with tributaries to the Sacramento River. This proposal will propose an inflow level of 45-65\% of unimpaired flow and will start at 55\%. New Delta Outflow objectives that are proposed will be based on Delta Inflow ensuring tributary water reaches the ocean. 

The Plan is put together by the SWRCB with help from the Delta Independent Science Board, (ISB). The ISB is appointed by the Delta Stewardship Council, (DSC) who is appointed by the Governor. For perspective, the SWRCB consists of 5 people plus and Executive Director. The DSC consists of 7 people. The ISB consists of 10 people. Each have a complete bureaucratic system at their disposal. 

These are the people deciding the future of water in California. The ISB is made up of professors, including Jay Lund from UC Davis, who produced a Science Report in October, 2017. This report is the basis for framework on what lies ahead in the taking of water draining into the Delta. 

This is the radical-environmentalist answer to any voter approved bonds or legislation that may result in significant water projects. We can build anything we want if we approve, and that approval means nothing. Once again, your vote means nothing. Of course we have a water shortage. It is going to the ocean.