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Water Plan

Jul 08, 2018

Jeffrey Stone

Radical environmentalism will be the death knell for California. This is where the Federal government should step in and stop the insanity.


Libi Uremovic

'...reduce water deliveries to a wide range of water users that pull water out of the San Joaquin and its tributaries, including the cities of San Francisco, Modesto and Merced and hundreds of farms in the San Joaquin Valley....'

i'm not buying this 'we're doing it for the fishes' story - for years the water board's only agenda is getting water to the housing developments in socal to cover up that they're building houses without a water supply ... 

the central valley better prepare themselves - they're about to get shafted ...


Libi Uremovic

'...to help ailing fish populations — and giving less to farming and human consumption....'

the farmers need to be categorized with the fish - as a endangered species, not with the socal housing developers ..


Michael Parsons

Not too smart.....make things harder for the people that grow and supply your food....Oh well, ya'll will figure it out soon enough.....maybe.


John T Johnston

Almonds and pistachios do NOT constitute a food source! They are a billion $ export crop! Potatoes, tomatoes, various fruits and other vegetables are the REAL food source, and most require vastly less water! I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley (Bakerspatch). I noticed, over time, that the towns on the west side of 99 were dying. Why? Mostly corporate farms, starting with the Bosworth's vast holdings. On the east side were mostly old time farm families, who kept their earnings IN their communites, thus nice downtowns, a movie theatre etc.


Libi Uremovic

John T Johnston yes, nuts are a food source in cali - they even mak milk from nuts now ... the water shortage isn't because of nut farmers - it's because of housing developments in socal that have little or no water supply ..