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MWD React

Jul 11, 2018

From the Delta Counties Coalition:

The Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) issued the following statement in response to Metropolitan Water District’s vote to finance the State of California’s proposed Twin Tunnels project (known as “WaterFix”):

“This re-vote is a perfect example of why ratepayers must demand that the tunnels project should not go forward,” said Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli. “A powerful few water giants ignored Brown Act rules meant to protect ratepayers, got caught, and only then conceded to comply with state law.

It’s an unnecessarily costly, destructive project pushed by people who are trying to fix the system against anyone who opposes them. Their narrow public interest will significantly increase utility bills for California ratepayers and irreparably harm the Delta.”

The DCC is an alliance of the counties of Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano and Yolo. The DCC advocates for protecting the interests of the Delta and California’s water supply and has produced a set of approaches that will achieve balance for the economic and environmental health of the Delta while also improving water supply stability.

For more information regarding the DCC and its ideas for fixing California’s water issues, visit sharedwatersolutions.com.

From Food & Water Watch:

The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) board members were forced today to retake their April vote to finance $11 billion of the $17 billion Delta tunnels project following violations of the Brown Act, which requires transparency. After agricultural water districts refused to invest in the project last spring, MWD engaged in backroom wheeling and dealing to pressure decision makers to force SoCal families to pay double their share for no additional water.

While the results of the vote did not change today, members of the public and representatives of the two biggest cities in the state—Los Angeles and San Diego— among others, were incensed by what they say is a lack of transparency and other violations of the California constitution. The Delta tunnels have not received full funding, and still require multiple permits.

Statement by Brenna Norton, Senior Organizer, Food & Water Watch

“This is the opening salvo of ongoing efforts to expose the unfairness and political cronyism behind the Delta Tunnels deal. The tunnels would be at least a $20 billion gift to corporate agribusiness, which receives 70 percent of average water exports from the Delta. If the project is ever built, Southern California ratepayers and taxpayers would pay for a project that doesn’t guarantee a single of new water. SoCal residents should not be an ATM for MWD leadership or wealthy agribusiness.”