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Sewage Overflows

Jul 20, 2018

Big Storms. They fill our reservoirs, but that's not all they do!

Big Storms also cause sewage overflows throughout the Delta. Did you know that?

During the 2016-2017 winter, untreated and partially treated overflows made its way into waterways and storm drains leading to the Bay. Not just in 2016-2017 either!

More than 120 sewage overflows were reported in January 2017 alone! And 85 sent waste into the Bay or waterways leading to the Bay.

West Contra Costa Sanitary District-9 Million Gallons(partially treated)

East Bay Municipal Utility District-5 Million Gallons(Untreated)

Vallejo's Sewer System- 2 Million Gallons

Sam Mateo- 260,000 Gallons.

A few examples.

What do environmentalist say?

Spokesman from San Fransisco Baykeeper,"I think the sewage brings the pathogens that are the most risk to people."

Not only could a monkey put together a response such as the spokesperson for San Franciso Baykeeper, but not a word about FISH!

Wayne Western