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Trump Tweets

Aug 07, 2018

This analysis exposes the inability of the "fake news media" to understand and report the President's comments. Enviro-zealots and their academic puppets continue to bastardize the State's natural resources (including timber-management and water development), and have here demonstrated their willingness to ignore the tragic results of their failed policies. The President is correctly pointing out that forestry management has been handcuffed by environmental policies allowing undergrowth and congested and ungrazed forests that fuel today's uncontrollable fires. And, the President correctly adds that wasting water to the ocean, in lieu of properly storing and delivering it for human uses, has likewise devastated agricultural production in the San Joaquin Valley. An unbiased report would acknowledge that here are two components to his tweets: (1) relates to forest mismanagement and (2) targets the drying up of the State's agricultural industry by diverting water away from the State and Federal irrigation systems...instead diverting it to the sea. The enviro-academic zealots identified in your article are responsible for BOTH!

MAGA, Mr. President. It's time to get America on track!

Mark Borba

Although Trump's tweets confused the issues of California's freshwater free-flowing to the ocean rather than being stored, and negelected forest management causing fires to burn out of control up and down the state, he is fully engaged when it comes to California's nonsense environmental laws needlessly contributing to both.

Kristi Diener