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Fed Power Grab

Sep 01, 2018

Ricky Smith

Huh? The Feds are pulling a power grab? Actually it is a state power grab by sending stored water away from thousands of farms, idling millions of acres of rich farmland and costing thousands of jobs in the process. This is an absolutely diabolical plan and the ultimate power grab by Brownie and his wrecking crew. 

You can be sure the extra water will not be for the fish. 

Nobody with a double digit IQ believes the administration lies that the two 40 foot tunnels will only take the current amount of water pumped out at the Tracy pumps and maybe a little more in wet years. The Southern Cal water districts investing billions of dollars in Moonie’s twin tunnel project are not going to be satisfied unless those tunnels run at their full capacity. Why would they invest so much treasure for so little benefit?

That means there has to be more water put into the system when the tunnels when and if, they begin sucking the Delta dry. The Delta will turn into a fetid, salt water marsh as the critics of the tunnel plan rightly proclaim. The D-rat advisers know that might be political suicide if they are the ones to blame for finishing off the Delta.

First the southern Sierra river systems will be forced to dry up their rivers and reservoirs. And soon, as the article says, very soon it will be time to grab the water from the northern rivers and associated reservoirs. With more water in the Delta, So Cal pump more Northern gold south.

So, actually instead of blaming the Feds, Bee ess, we should give big thanks to Trump and Zinke for ‘resisting’ this nonsense.

Bruce Curtis

Bee editors patronize both readers and the Trump administration by implying the water situation in California is too complicated and contentious for us lowly citizens, but like most liberal-motivated paternalism, power is really the game. In this case, it is the political strings environmental lobbyists and interest groups use to control Sacramento's left-leaning supermajority.

Those interests deeply fear a state where citizens and stakeholders control water policy, and that is something the politician-controlled liberal media cannot allow. We need Trump to shine a light on a state where water policy isn't about innovation and fairness, it is dictated by unelected interest groups making quirky experiments.