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Nunes v Janz

Sep 12, 2018

California’s 22nd Congressional District.

You may have seen the ads featuring Andrew Janz. His claims include taking no corporate money, hands-off approach to Social Security, returning water to the Central Valley, and that Devin Nunes has forgotten the Valley on water issues, among other things.

Then there’s the truth. While I won’t waste my time to check if Mr. Janz takes corporate money, I do know he is perfectly content taking Bay Area money. I don’t believe they have our best interest in mind. This could be news to Mr. Janz, but Democrats are in fact who took Social Security like pimps take their share. And water. Glad he brought it up.

Either Mr. Janz hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about, doesn’t know how government works, or is a liar. Devin Nunes has in fact been as pro-active as anyone as a Representative from California, on water issues. Devin also knows as much as anyone, not only exactly why we have water problems, but is not afraid to explain it where it matters most. Mr. Janz cannot simply list the bills Devin has sponsored or cosponsored on water issues effecting the Central Valley because he would have to explain how his party, with folks like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and others, absolutely worked to block any help for the Valley, time and again.

The first sign of real solutions for California Water came weeks ago from the Trump Administration. We finally have a President and a Federal Administration who recognizes the importance of agriculture. And we have a Representative who has the Presidents ear, and that of Secretary Zinke. For decades under Democrat rule, we have seen zero solutions while watching more water flow to the ocean. Mr. Janz, a Democrat, would have you believe he is different than the others for the past 25 years. He is not.

He cannot explain his true platform. Yes, they do in fact have a platform. It consists of higher taxes, higher crime, less jobs, less business, less rights, less respect for taxpayers, more regulation, and more control.

We did in fact need something different. That something different is not another obstructionist Democrat Representative in Washington. We got something different. He’s in the White House. And that’s exactly why we must re-elect Devin Nunes.

Just the facts rather than another campaign ad that insults anyone’s intelligence who has been waging the war, long before Mr. Janz bought his boots and belt buckle.

Wayne Western Jr.