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The Grab

Sep 13, 2018

The rationale for the (experimental) 40\% unimpaired flows "State Water Grab" has been that it could possibly/perhaps/maybe save about 1000 salmon-there are no guarantees. Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus has now expanded its water-grab rationale to "preventing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta from total collapse." I'm not surprised "verge of collapse" has been reincarnated. This fearful phrase has a history of success. In 1992 the Board used it to take an annual 1.2 million acre-feet of water through the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. The Delta was on the "verge of collapse" again in 1993 when 250,000 to 800,000 acre-feet was taken for salmon. In 1995 The CalFed Bay Delta Program took another 1.1 million acre-feet to "save the Delta from total collapse". One water grab after another for the past 26 years has been proclaimed to be an imminent emergency and given the green light to "save the delta from the verge of collapse". If something was on the verge of dying in 1992, and 26 years later it's still alive, was it ever really on the verge of collapse? And if it was and is and will be, how much water does it take to realize more water isn't the answer?

Kristi Diener