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Public Responses


Prop 3

Oct 11, 2018

Kristi Diener
As we consider whether or not to approve Prop. 3, we should also look at one of its spending provisions to ensure clean drinking water, and take into account what was just signed into law to facilitate achieving this. AB 2501 increases the State Water Board’s ability to require the consolidation of vulnerable water systems with larger, more reliable systems. The new law expands the board’s authority to require the consolidation of communities served by domestic wells. AB 2501 also extends the board’s authority over support services to help communities provide safe drinking water where consolidation is not an option. Another new law, AB 2541, gives severely disadvantaged communities expanded access to the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for water infrastructure projects. The law makes it easier for the board to provide full grant funding in addition to low-interest loans. Billions in previous water-bond funding has already been allocated to assist with this issue, like Prop 68 passed in June, 2018, 2014's Prop 1, and 2006's Prop 84. Here's a link to all the new laws signed on forest management, drought, and safe drinking water. http://www.ppic.org/blog/new-laws-on-drought-forests-and-safe-drinking-water/?utm\_source=ppic&utm\_medium=email&utm\_campaign=blog\_subscriber

New Laws on Drought, Forests, and Safe Drinking Water - Public Policy Institute of California