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Climate Change

Nov 04, 2018

As you know, it has never been about the environment with the Democrats, it has always been about putting laws in place which give Democrats the power to allocate natural resources.


If the climate really is changing as much as Democrats want us to believe, even the idea of maintaining a warm water fishery is a fool's errand.


How come we can't convince the Democrats and their constituents, the people deemed "most vulnerable to climate change", to move to places where climate change will be beneficial? 


Why do the Democrats and their constituents want to remain in a place they fear will become the next Sahara desert? 


How will ever know if the government efforts to control the energy industry, which is what the Democrats want, will produce the necessary results to save the planet? 


No longer are we worried about the last thirty years, supposedly we are to worry about 100 years in the future.


Talk about the political equivalent of an annuity!


Neil Dau