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Forests & Trump

Nov 18, 2018

Re: Trump Was Right

Gordon Yamanaka

That's an oversimplification of the current situation. The other two factors that are involved are county land use plans that expand development into the foothills and beyond, and the NIMBY effect. Many who move into the once wildlands escaped urban crime and congestion and don't want to change the bucolic road systems and wild environment that contribute to the disasters faced in Paradise and Malibu. Your enemy environmentalist are probably living in these communities.



Joe Denham

I agree Gordon, it is a very simple overview. I can write or have already written separate papers on each of the six points.

I could be wrong but I left land use planing off. You can build virtually anywhere if it’s properly thinned and preion burned. That really goes for forest and brushy areas. Down south on the coast the very small brush and grass is the only thing holding some silty hillsides in place. If you managed 
them to the point of complete fire safety you could lose the whole hill to mudslides.



Gordon Fake

Trump was wrong. He is always wrong when he pulls a tweet out of his butt. None of the fires with greatest loss of life and property have anything to do the list of things produced by the author. For the most part they have not been on public land. The destructive Carr fire was largely on private land as is the Camp fire. The Hill Fire between Thousand Oaks and Malibu is in chaparral and on private land. Fires are natural. People have chosen to live in beautiful places where fires are possible if not inevitable. In the last 7 years we had one year of near normal rainfall, just enough to produce a good crop of fuel. The forests are managed. They are not managed to give enough opportunity for exploitation the writer would like. I didn't notice that he mentioned climate change as a cause for these destructive fires.


Randal Logan

um. So you're contending that environmental regulations as the author discussed have no bearing on private land?? And that the fires were not exacerbated as they spread to public land?


Gordan Fake: California will ALWAYS have consecutive years of drought and always has drought. Face it. Trump is right and Trump's tweets are the truth that you liberals can't handle.