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Forest Management

Nov 23, 2018

Re:  Why California burns — its forests have too many trees

It seems that this is a more elegant way to repeat what President Trump has been saying. There is an example nearby where this effort is being done. North Lake Tahoe, around Incline Village does forest management. Work crews cut down dead trees, and also reduce fallen material on the ground. This is done annually. I can't recall a large fire in this area for many decades. Yes, it does cost to do this, but my guess is that it's far less than fighting a forest fire.


Chronicle actually found someone who makes sense...There’s a way to do it that costs nothing. It’s called “logging”...


So some Texan (where there are few trees) is going to tell us we have too many trees. The Camp Fire was an urban conflagration, fed by 60MPH winds. Were the winds milder, the fire would have been quickly contained and the town saved. Likewise for the fires last Oct. We need to figure out how to avoid the initial fires during Oct/Nov when we have Diablos and Santa Anas blowing hot air over dry brush. As for the trees, keep them healthy and they'll be fine.