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Voluntary Agreements

Nov 30, 2018

A Bureaucracy can write and execute policy if left unchallenged. This puts the Bureaucracy in an Executive role while a one-party Legislature simply stands by. But I said they “can.” We find ourselves at the door of the Judiciary. The last destination which has the authority to make sure the Bureaucracy doesn’t itself into our Constitutional freedoms further. Successful negotiating requires both “sides” have some sort of standing and recourse. Negotiation on a business matter is one thing. Volunteering to weaken or relinquish property rights is another.

There is an option. The only left. Brown And Newsom wrote a letter because they know their Bureaucracy has finally backed Agriculture into a wall with only one place to turn. That wall is the courthouse.

Wayne Western Jr.

Eric Bream If the water board had to fairly compensate rights holders for the regulatory taking of property, they probably wouldn’t be so eager to take it. Once you voluntarily give it up you lose all chances of ever getting it back. This is the lesser of two evils on steroids.

Ken Baxley Exactly,Eric that’s why stakeholders shouldn’t give up their rights voluntarily.