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Water Grab

Dec 17, 2018

As a Farmer, our hearts are heavy! With 5 generations of farming here in California, dating back to the late 1800’s, it looks like we get no or very little water now! The state water “grab” was approved yesterday! It’s just an experiment they say! We have had as many as 9 other workers, beside ourselves. So all our taxes we payed will no longer be forthcoming, plus 9 families with no income. I know it’s not very large scale, but it will put a pinch in our state budget when we add up all the farmers! And it well be quit interesting when 20,000 or 30,000 cfs of water flow down our river! In the winter of 97-98 when it flooded here catastrophe happened at 11,000 cfs! How will you explain to our community the devastation with a flow of 20,000? What will you eat when all the food you have enjoyed for years is no longer available? I guess that fact you just took our retirement, the value of our land, is no big deal to you, but what do we know, we have for generations been hard working tax paying Californians! Good luck finding food, good luck with your fish, good luck finding taxable income! Well here is one small part of that experiment We won’t have any money for our county or our state, enjoy your fish I hope they feed you well.

Lisa Warner