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Dec 28, 2018

Sherry Payte Wallis The LOONS at it again! Gee, ya think the salamanders don’t have enough sense to move when the water starts rising???? Anyone ever ask them THAT question? It’s a diversion & EVERYONE KNOWS IT! Not everything that was created when the earth was formed is still living today....kind of like the dinosaurs....

everything lives in its own time & has it’s own death! It doesn’t stop humanity or anything else... the LOONS are lying to us and will continue to lie until the end of time! Increase the dam.... and tell the Loons to go jump in Shasta Lake!

Kristi Diener They're suing for a determination to be made on whether or not it should be listed as an endangered species-so technically it hasn't happened yet. It was filed in the 9th Circuit, so I'm pretty sure they'll win and a determination will have to be promptly made. We'll have to wait and see what that outcome is. Three things to keep in mind: Trump. Supreme Court. $20 million approved by congress already for a jump start.