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Jan 01, 2019


Winter is shrinking, but Mammoth is open for skiing well into June/July months. Sounds like a contradiction to me.


To get back at those evil Republicans you should send a boat load of money to the U.N so that they can fix our weather for us!

Just another "The Sky is Falling" report. I guess we will need to increase our taxes to fix the weather. Never mind that we have this large body of water called the Pacific Ocean that we could tap if our water supply does indeed run low. And of course there is the billions that San Diego is putting into Recycling water plants which is projected to provide us with up to a third of our supply by 2030.

Droughts are a common thing here in California, and we have had an unusually wet cycle over the last several decades. The real problem is the ever growing population, but don't worry our politicians are going to take care of that by making it to expensive to live here.


We know that California and the west have had 200year long droughts.......that were NOT man made. We know California is susceptible to wild weather/climate swings. The first western explorers wondered if California could even be habitable because violent weather swings including massive wildfires. This "study" is only a 40yr snap shot! It doesn't even include a full cycle of either the Pacific Decadal Oscillation or the Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation! How did this even make into a "scientific" journal? More made up "we're all gonna die" unless you give me more grant money BS. 

BTW the US just had the first year EVER in recorded history without a violent tornado!! How does that happen on a planet that is soaking millions of Hiroshima bombs worth of energy due to "global warming"?