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Water, Not HSR

Jan 01, 2019


California had a population of 16 million in 1960. We now have a population of 39.5 million, almost triple from 1960. We have the same water infrastructure as back then. 

We cannot sustain more population growth without more water. We have fools running Sacramento pouring $100 billion into a "non" bullet train, just to build it. That does not include maintenance, replacement parts, salaries, pensions, medical and dental for state workers, and of course the law suits for everything from slip and falls to phony employee work comp cases.

Nearly all nations where water is an issue have had desalination plants for decades, yet we do not here in California. Stop the Crazy Train and build at least three of those plants, one in the north, one central, and one south. This is common sense. After all, Brown, The Times, and other sources tell us that global warming and climate change will see California dry as a bone in few years. If they really believe that, why don't they build these plants?